A little bit of History

A little bit of History
It All Started with maize corn sticks...
Maize corn sticks – the company's first product  – incorporates the creativeness and perseverance of the company's founder, whose courage demonstrated that whoever you are, hard work and human verticality can bring you from good to great.
Ever since the beginning, founder`s purpose has been heartily dedicated to create quality goods at right prices, therewith satisfying consumer`s preferences. This has led to the expansion of business lines beyond extruded products to include wafers with different tastes (2002), marshmallow (2007), chocolate glaze products (2008) and a large assortment of biscuits (2009).
Values that led to the founding of the Company remained unchanged in time.
At Colombus, we strive to do everything we can to respect the trust customers have in our brand.